katie orenstein

sometimes i overshare…

helvetica httpster &
lover of the internet

I am a multi-disciplinary designer.

I'm a design lead at IBM Design in Austin, TX currently leading a small product team in the Security portfolio.


My background spans across visual and UX, including enterprise software design (UI, UX, workflows), user research, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and web design and development.

As a champion internetter, I have been fascinated with computers and the internet ever since I was a kid and my parents signed up for a Prodigy account. My love for what I do has led me to work with some notable brands, including IBM, Pfizer, CNET, The Arsenio Hall Show, Rachael Ray, Entertainment Tonight, & Last.fm. I enjoy cheeseburgers, dogs, and a good conversation about existential risk as it relates to artificial intelligence.


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